The road to Frances

Why the road to Frances?

The realisation of the bronze artwork The Road To Reconciliation means that a first milestone has been attained.

During the next phase the initiating artist, Pierre Habets, wants to find out if a meeting and reconciliation of the Roman Catholic church and the victims can be worked out on a bigger scale.

Therefore he would very much like to contact the pope. Perhaps The Road To Reconciliation can help the pope in his fight against abuse and cover-up, and somehow effect a reconciliation on a bigger scale. Hence the road to Frances.

Letter from Frances

In his letter of 3 September Pope Frances has let it be known that he very much appreciates the efforts that have been made on behalf of the victims of sexual abuse. Read the letter from Frances …

Letter to Frances

In an open letter dated 19 November 2017 Pierre Habets  informed Pope Frances of the successful unveiling and blessing of The Road To Reconciliation. Read the letter to Frances …

Bronze sculpture as memorial 

Bronze sculpture on glass of child with cuddly toy has been developed as a memorial. See photo.

Crowdfunding succesful

Crowd funding successful. Crowd funding was successful in May 2019 thanks to the benefactors. Read more about the crowdfunding …